Waterlase Endodontics

The Waterlase is an innovative technology that combines water, air, and laser energy to perform a number of different dental procedures safely and comfortably.

Manufactured by Biolase, Waterlase is a high-tech laser surgery tool that uses a patented combination YSGG laser and water spray to perform a wide range of dental procedures without a drill. All lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. Using Waterlase® Laser Dentistry, our dentists can perform many dental procedures with no noise, very little pain and fewer appointments. When used for surgical and dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue to cut soft tissue and bone with greater accuracy and precision. Whereas drills can create loud noises, vibration and friction, a laser does not touch the surface, which lowers the need for local anesthesia, lowers the risk of infection, and reduces post-operative swelling.

Using laser dentistry, tooth decay can be thoroughly removed, bacteria deeply impacting gums can be cleared out, and bleeding is minimized in all instances.

Benefits of laser dentistry over traditional methods can include:

  • Reduced heat and vibration
  • Significantly reduce the chance of infection
  • Little or no need for anesthetic
  • Faster treatment
  • Increased rate of retention
  • Fewer post-operative complications
  • Less noise
  • Reduced stress and anxiety of dental work

Laser dentistry has many applications that include:

Gum disease treatment: Lasers can easily remove unhealthy gum tissue and eliminate pockets of infections.

Remove tooth decay: Lasers are very effective in removing tooth decay and bacteria, especially during root canal treatments.

Aid in dental fillings: Lasers are used to remove the decay and prepare the tooth enamel for fillings. Lasers can also be used to “cure” or harden fillings so that the patient can quickly get back to daily life.

Cosmetic dentistry: It is common to find lasers being used in cosmetic dentistry. They may be used in gum reshaping, whether purely cosmetic or after gum disease. And they may be used in teeth whitening treatments, too.

Biopsy or lesion removal: A great option for taking biopsies or removing lesions and ulcers is laser dentistry. Perhaps the biggest benefit in this instance is that the tissue remains in good condition for the biopsy!

Correct ankyloglossia (tongue-tied): Using a laser, this procedure to correct ankyloglossia takes about 5 to 10 minutes and is virtually painless. It’s accurate, fast, and effective.

Oral surgery and dental extractions: These involved procedures can be much faster, less invasive, less discomfort, and more. Recovery and a reduction of post-oral surgery complications are faster and less risky, too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterlase

What is Waterlase dentistry?
Waterlase dentistry is a type of laser dentistry that uses a combination of air, water, and laser energy to perform both soft tissue procedures as well as procedures involving your teeth, including removing areas of decay prior to a restoration.
Is laser dentistry safe?
Yes, laser dentistry is very safe. It offers more precision than traditional dental tools, with the added benefits of lower infection risk, faster recovery, less bleeding, and fewer complications.
Does dental insurance cover laser dentistry?
Many dental insurance providers do cover laser dentistry the same way they would cover a procedure using traditional dental tools and equipment, but this isn’t always the case. We recommended checking with your insurance provider to verify your benefits. Please also inquire about our in-office insurance plan.
What are the benefits of laser dentistry?
Laser dentistry is generally faster than traditional dental techniques, and it’s a more comfortable experience because it eliminates heat, vibration, and pain from dental drills. For soft tissue procedures, there is less bleeding and swelling after your procedure. Recovery times are faster, with a lower infection risk and fewer complications.
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